Maeth Y Meysydd

Nutritious food for natural life.


16 Stryd Chalybeate, Aberystwyth, SY23 1HX

Maeth Y Meysydd has been trading in Aberystwyth since 1978 and is proud to be part of the wholefood market, supporting the local community with vegetarian/vegan or gluten free produce and GMO-free guarantee.
Our aim is to provide local, ethical, sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly options to your weekly shop. We like to buy from local suppliers as well as collaborating with some of the finest brands and producers.  We also pack a variety of commodities like nuts, pulses, grains, and dried fruit.
Customers also have an opportunity to choose from our full range of affordable herbs and spices, which is weighed to suit our customers.

We have a wide range of organic and local foods, including cheese, eggs, bread, beer and wine. We also stock a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts, chilled and frozen food and more. Everything for vegetarian, vegan, special diets (e.g.gluten free), fairly traded, cruelty free needs. There’s also our unique herbs and spices room!

Cylchgrawn Cara

Cylchgrawn print sy’n rhoi llais i ferched Cymru.


Gwerthwyr anrhegion, gemwaith, crisialau a dillad yn Aberystwyth.

Melysion Mam

Cwmni bach o Gribyn sy’n gwneud ffyj a phethau blasus eraill

Blodyn Haul

Cardiau ac addurniadau, pob dim wedi ei wneud â llaw. Gyrrwch neges i archebu neu am fwy o fanylion.